How to run javascript in visual studio code?

In this article, we will discuss how to run javascript in visual studio code step by step. As we all know javascript is the most popular programming language in the field of web development & visual studio is also the most popular code editor these days.

1) Installing Node.js:

The first step to run javascript in visual studio code is to install node.js on your device. Node.js allow to execute the javascript code outside the web browser. You can install the latest version of node.js from the official website

2) Create a javascript file:

Open the visual studio code editor & create a new file script.js. If you haven’t installed the visual studio code you can install it from the official website of visual studio code After creating a new file write javascript code inside it. Let’s see the code snippet below:

console.log("John doe");

now save the javascript file.

3) Run the javascript file:

Open the terminal in the visual studio code from the menu & navigate to the javascript file as shown below:

cd path/to/your/javascript/file

after reaching the correct directory you can run javascript by using node command with the file name.

node script.js

my javascript file name is script.js. You can use your file name. After running you will see the output "John doe" in the terminal.

Thanks for reading I hope you understood how to run javascript in visual studio code?

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